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Rules and Regulations: To ensure the safety of Sallie Ann

Sallie Visit Checklist:

  • Please Twitter when Sallie arrives at your school, via Sallie Twitter (civilwarsallie)
  • Please post at least 3 pictures of Sallie, please have one picture of Sallie with your school sign to Flickr
  • Please post to Sallie‚Äôs blog at least 3 times
  • Please Twitter at least 5 times when you have Sallie
  • Please Twitter when Sallie leaves your school
  • Add something to her bag


  • Sallie is a loan item and must be passed on according to her set schedule.
  • Visits with Sallie are not to exceed 7 calendar days.
  • All items that arrive with Sallie, must be passed on with her.
  • Please take great care of Sallie! Remember she does not need a bath or shower!
  • If any problems do occur, please contact Ms. Beeghley at the provided email address.
  • Remember Sallie needs to learn, make the most of your time with her!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do to sign up so that Sallie can visit my school?
Visit my sign-up page on this wiki.

What do I do when I get Sallie?
Educate Sallie! She is a sponge just waiting to soak up information and join any interesting activities in your classroom/ museums/ battlefields. Please remember while you have her to post updates on her blog and Flickr sites so that others can continue to follow her!

How do I send Sallie on her way?
Sallie should be sent to the next school on the sign up sheet list once your visit is complete. Please remember to send her with all of her items via USPS standard mail service. If no one is listed after you, please send her home.

What do I do after Sallie leaves?
You can continue to follow Sallie's travels on her blog site and communicate with her using this wiki.