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Civil War Sallie

Hi! My name is Sallie Ann. I was made in Gettysburg, PA, and I’m named after the mascot of the 11th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry from the Civil War. My job is to travel around the U.S. looking for Civil War battlefields or museums and schools learning about the Civil War. Along the way, I hope to teach kids more about the Civil War while also helping them to learn about using technology. I’ll start out in Gettysburg, PA,and learn about the battle that took place there. My visit to you will last about one week, but before I leave, I hope that you will put something from the battlefield, museum or your school in my backpack so I can keep it as a memento of my visit.


As part of my visit to you, you will also have to Twitter my arrival and departure. You must also help me write a blog post about what I am learning about my visit to you and the battlefield or museum, or how you are learning about the Civil War in your class. You may post pictures of me on the blog and also write what I have done or seen that day. If you want to sign up, I would be so happy to see the battlefield, museum, or school near you. I hope that I can learn about the Civil War, make some new friends, and use some technology along the way!


Sallie Ann